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Governor Pawlenty Declares for President; Alive Hosts Pre-Announcement Lunch

March 24th, 2011

Rick and Debbie Christian co-hosted Gov. Pawlenty May 9 at a pre-announcement luncheon at Colo Springs Broadmoor Hotel, attended by regional business, political and industry leaders.

May 23, 2011–Gov. Tim Pawlenty announced today that he is running for President of the United States, telling voters at a town hall event in Des Moines, Iowa that “it’s time for new leadership, with a new approach.”

“The time has come for America’s president – and anyone who wants to be president – to look you in the eye and tell you the truth,” said the former two-term governor of Minnesota, noting that our entitlement programs are on an unsustainable path and that inaction is no longer an option.  ”If we don’t change directions in 2012, if we do not move quickly and decisively, if we are not willing to chip in to sacrifice some of our own comfort and convenience for the lives and liberties of our children, it may be too late.”

The long-awaited announcement drew cheers at Alive’s Colorado Springs office where a critical step on the Pawlenty Express was made.

“I approached the Governor two years ago to write the book of his life,” said Alive’s President Rick Christian, who ultimately negotiated the deal for his best-selling memoir, Courage to Stand (Tyndale), published in January.  “The momentum is certainly his, and he’s got the record, story, and heart to make it to the finish line.  He’s definitely in it to win it!” said Christian, who with his wife Debbie co-hosted the Governor at a pre-announcement luncheon May 9th at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs.

Columnist George Will said earlier this month, “This is the most open scramble on the Republican side since 1940 when Wendell Willkie came out of the woodwork and swept the field. I think people are complaining this is not off to a brisk start. I think that’s wrong. I think we know with reasonable certainty that standing up there on the West front of the Capitol on Jan. 20, 2013 will be one of three people: Obama, Pawlenty and [Indiana Gov. Mitch] Daniels. I think that’s it.”

With Daniels now out of contention, a recent op-ed piece in the Washington Post appears prescient in declaring that Pawlenty may likely be the “last one standing” in the 2012 GOP contest.–RC

Excerpts of Pawlenty’s Announcement Address

“I’m Tim Pawlenty, and I’m running for President of the United States. We live in the greatest country the world has ever known.  But, as we all know, America is in big trouble, and it won’t get fixed if we keep going down the same path.  If we want a new and better direction, we need a new and better President.”

“President Obama’s policies have failed.  But more than that, he won’t even tell us the truth about what it’s really going to take to get out of the mess we’re in. … I’m going to take a different approach.  I am going to tell you the truth.”

“We’ve tried Barack Obama’s way — and his way has failed.  Three years into his term, we’re no longer just running out of money.  We’re running out of time. It’s time for new leadership.  It’s time for a new approach.  And, it’s time for America’s president – and anyone who wants to be president – to look you in the eye and tell you the truth.”

“The changes history is calling on America to make today cannot be shouldered only by people richer than us, or poorer than us – but by us, too. Politicians are often afraid that if they’re too honest, they might lose an election.  I’m afraid that in 2012, if we’re not honest enough, we may lose our country.  If we want to grow our economy, we need to shrink our government.  If we want to create jobs, we need to encourage job creators.  If we want our children to be free to pursue their dreams, we can’t shackle them with our debts. This is a time for truth.”

“No president deserves to win an election by dividing the American people – picking winners and losers, protecting his own party’s spending and cutting only the other guys’; pitting classes, and ethnicities, and generations against each other.  The truth is, we’re all in this together. So we need to work to get out of this mess together. I’ll unite our party and unite our nation, because to solve a fourteen-trillion-dollar problem, we’re going to need three hundred million people.”

“In Minnesota and in Washington, the issues were the same: taxes, spending, health care, unions, and the courts.  But in Washington, Barack Obama has consistently stood for  higher taxes, more spending, more government, more powerful special interests, and less individual freedom.  In Minnesota, I cut taxes, cut spending, instituted health care choice and performance pay for teachers, reformed our union benefits, and appointed constitutional conservatives to the Supreme Court.  That is how you lead a liberal state in a conservative direction.”

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Pawlenty Moves to 2012 Presidential Bid

March 23rd, 2011
Tim Pawlenty

Tim Pawlenty

March 21, 2011–Tim Pawlenty, the former two-term Minnesota governor, today took the formal step toward his bid for President by establishing an exploratory committee. The video announcement, made on his Facebook page this afternoon, allows Pawlenty to hire staff and raise money for his widely anticipated run for the Republican nomination and, ultimately, to face-off with Barack Obama in 2012.

“At a young age, I saw up close the face of challenge, the face of hardship and the face of job loss,” Pawlenty said in his two-minute video message, appealing to those facing economic insecurity and calling for backers to help him “take back our government.”

Pawlenty, 50, is the son of a truck-driving father and a mother who died of cancer when he was 16. Raised in the meatpacking town of South St. Paul that was devastated by layoffs in his youth, he worked in a grocery to pay his way through college. His first venture into politics was on the local planning commission and city council, followed by 10 years in the Minnesota House where he served as majority leader before becoming governor in 2002.

“Over the past year I’ve traveled to nearly every state in the country and I know many Americans are feeling that way today. I know that feeling. I lived it. But there is a brighter future for America,” he said, adding: “We, the people of the United States, will take back our government. This is our country. Our founding fathers created it. Americans embraced it. Ronald Reagan personified it. And Lincoln stood courageously to protect it. That’s why today, I’m announcing the formation of an exploratory committee to run for president of the United States. Join the team and together we’ll restore America.”

The Associated Press commented: “Pawlenty’s announcement of the exploratory committee almost certainly will lead to a full-blown candidacy for the GOP nomination in a field that has been slow to form. The winner would face the daunting task of unseating an incumbent president.”

Pawlenty, who released his memoir, Courage to Stand, in January, has been on an extended cross-country book tour that has taken him to early voting states like Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina to build support. His memoir immediately hit #1 on Washington Post’s bestsellers list, and sparked widespread exposure in national print, TV and radio outlets.

“His book signings and speaking engagements have been something of a faux campaign in advance of an all-in decision and stirred tremendous interest in his story and voting record,” said Alive’s president Rick Christian, who negotiated the book deal. “It’s built his name recognition and made him a fixture at Republican events.”

As the first major Republican candidate to file papers with the Federal Election Commission, Pawlenty catapults ahead of other potential contenders to win over party activists and generate support toward the early contests next year.–RC

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Abby Sunderland Begins New York Media Tour

March 22nd, 2011

Unskinkable by Abby SunderlandApril, 2011–Ten months after a rogue wave nearly took her life at sea, teen sailor Abby Sunderland began a media tour in New York City to launch her book, Unsinkable, which tells the story of how, at 16, she set out to become the youngest person in history to circumnavigate the globe alone. Sunderland appeared on media including The View, The Today Show, and CNN’s American Morning.

It was June 10, 2010 when, already four months into the voyage, a rogue wave demasted and rolled Abby’s boat 360 degrees over 2,000 miles west of Australia. Her parents, Laurence and Marianne, lost contact with her and for a time, she was feared lost. Thankfully, rescuers – the nearest of whom were 400 miles away – found her afloat and alive after having spent two days in the perilous waters of a remote region of the Indian Ocean. Worldwide media support followed in celebration of her recovery but now the full story is revealed in Unsinkable, available now wherever books are sold. -AH

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Heaven #1 on NYT

March 20th, 2011
Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent

Heaven Is For Real by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent

May, 2011 Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent (Thomas Nelson, 2010) remains this year’s runaway bestseller, spending 20 consecutive weeks in the #1 slot on the NY Times Paperback Nonfiction list. Following its release in early November, 2010, Heaven quickly climbed industry bestseller lists. And now Heaven is being pursued by major Hollywood producers, Joe Roth and T.D. Jakes. Their goal is to create a motion picture that will inspire even more families. Alive agents Rick Christian and Joel Kneedler are negotiating the film rights with Columbia Pictures, a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment.

“We knew we had a great story, however, the response has been phenomenal,” said agent Joel Kneedler. “Not only has Lynn Vincent crafted another beautiful narrative, but the heart-felt comments from readers are amazing.” The feedback confirms the gentle, yet powerful, influence of this simple story. Heaven offers clues into life’s biggest question—what happens when we die? Through the eyes of a small-town family from Nebraska, readers are discovering the reality of Heaven and the hope of being reunited with loved ones.

Initial interest in Heaven is for Real began to swell when the Burpo family appeared on major media interviews like NBC’s Today Show, Fox & Friends, CNN’s Faces of Faith, People. However, when the NY Times ran a feature article titled “Celestial Sales For Boy’s Tale of Heaven,” the awareness went to another level. Heaven is now capturing hearts around the globe as international rights for publication have been acquired in 27 languages.  ~JK

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Blackstock hits NYT and #1 on ECPA Bestseller list

March 19th, 2011

April, 2011—Terri Blackstock’s latest release, Vicious Cycle, debuted on the NYT bestsellseller list and is now #1 on the ECPA bestseller list for April.

Vicious Cycle is the second book in the NYT bestselling “Intervention” series.  It is a harrowing tale of crystal meth and motherhood, human trafficking, and the choices we make that change our lives forever.

Terri has sold six million books worldwide over 26 years. To learn more about Terri, visit her online at—LH

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Our clients' books have appeared atop national best-seller lists, including:

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Alive Communications authors have received a number of many prestigious awards, including the Nobel Prize, National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize.

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