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Chung, Vinh | Alive Literary
  • Non-Fiction
  • Chung, Vinh

    Behind every success story is a helping hand—or, in Dr. Vinh Chung’s case, a whole crew of them. Now a skilled dermatologist with many Master’s Degrees and Doctorates to display at his private Colorado practice, Dr. Chung humbly acknowledges that, “I owe my life to so many people whom I’ve never met and likely never will” (worldvision.org).

    In 1979 the Chung family, attempting to flee postwar Vietnam, were cast off in the South China Sea, left to die. After a week of exposure and two attacks from Thai pirates, 3-year-old Chung and his family were rescued by a World Vision mercy ship. The Chungs were relocated to Singapore and later to Fort Smith, Arkansas, where the whole family began again with nothing but themselves and their newly-discovered Christ.

    Dr. Chung is now on the board of directors at World Vision, USA. In gratitude to his family’s rescue, all the royalties from his memoir, Where the Wind Leads, are donated to World Vision’s rescue efforts. He lives with his wife, Leslie, and four children in Colorado Springs.

    To learn more about Dr. Chung or his memoir, visit http://www.patheos.com/blogs/takeandread/2014/05/where-the-wind-leads-a-qa-with-vinh-chung/ To request a speaking event, visit http://www.worldvision.org/get-involved/request-speaker-vinh-chung


    Where The Wind Leads