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Christian Authors, Bill Myers | Alive Literary
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  • Myers, Bill

    Bill Myers

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    Bill Myers is a best-selling author and an award-winning screenwriter and director. His numerous books include Soul Tracker, The Face of God, Eli, Blood of Heaven, Threshold, Fire of Heaven and When the Last Leaf Falls. His books and videos have sold over 7.5 million copies.

    One of the most original minds in supernatural suspense, Bill Myers deftly weaves timeless truths into incredible tales. Powerful and thought provoking, his words have brought millions of readers not only amazement and entertainment, but also into a deeper relationship with God.


    The Dark Side of the Supernatural: Uncovering God's Truth by Bill Myers & Dave Wimbish

    The Dark Side of the Supernatural: Uncovering God's Truth

    Dark Power Collection

    Dark Power Collection

    Invisible Terror Collection

    Invisible Terror Collection

    The Judas Gospel

    The Judas Gospel

    The Elijah Project (The Complete Series)

    The Elijah Project (The Complete Series)

    Aaaargh!!! by Bill Myers


    New Kid Catasrophes by Bill Myers

    New Kid Catasrophes

    The God Hater by Bill Myers

    The God Hater

    Angel of Wrath by Bill Myers

    Angel of Wrath

    The Voice by Bill Myers

    The Voice

    Eli by Bill Myers


    When the Last Leaf Falls

    When the Last Leaf Falls

    The Wager by Bill Myers

    The Wager

    The Presence by Bill Myers

    The Presence

    The Seeing by Bill Myers

    The Seeing

    The Soul Tracker Series by Bill Myers

    The Soul Tracker Series

    The Portal by Bill Myers

    The Imager Chronicles

    The Fire of Heaven Series by Bill Myers

    The Fire of Heaven Trilogy

    The Society by Bill Myers

    The Forbidden Doors Series

    The Elijah Project Series by Bill Myers

    The Elijah Project Series

    The Mystery of the Invisible Knight (Bloodhounds, Inc. #2) by Bill Myers

    Bloodhounds, Inc. Series

    The Case of the Yodeling Turtles (Secret Agent Dingledorf Series #6

    Secret Agent Dingledorf Series

    Freddie's Fast-Cash Getaway: The Parable of the Prodigal Son by Bill Myers

    The Bug Parables Series