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Sanders, Kathy | Alive Literary
  • Non-Fiction
  • Sanders, Kathy

    The Oklahoma City bombing of the Alfred T. Murrah Federal Building on April 19, 1995 was, until 9/11, “the worst terrorist attack to take place on U. S. soil” (history.com). Two of the hundreds of victims on that day were young Colton and Chase, the grandchildren of Alive author Kathy Sanders. Grieving and questioning the existence of a loving God, Sanders found that forgiveness was the only way out of the pit of despair she felt in the absence of her grandsons.

    “Now You See Me: How I Forgave the Unforgivable” chronicles Sanders’ search for answers to what happened and why. The book also includes the letters and interviews that formed her relationship with Terry Nichols and later Timothy McVeigh, the two men convicted of the bombings. By extending grace and peace to both men and their families, Sanders finally found peace herself.

    Kathy Sanders lives with her husband in Little Rock, Arkansas, where she paints and dotes on her thirteen grandchildren. To learn more about her book, visit http://www.hachettebookgroup.com/titles/kathy-sanders/now-you-see-me/9781455526192/#desc. To learn more about her artwork, visithttp://kathysandersart.yolasite.com/.



    Now You See Me: How I Forgave the Unforgivable